Friday, December 2, 2011

Iowa Caucus should include Hemp

The Hemp movement needs one thing right now: the strong activation of grassroots networks, Especially in the Prairies: places like North Dakota and Iowa.

Iowa would be a great place, not only because of all of the prior support, but also because the upcoming Iowa Caucus is so influential in politics. Iowa is also redistricting, a great opportunity to raise this issue in competitive races.

The Iowa prairies are fertile land for industrial hemp, but citizens will have to raise the issue before they can raise the crop. This is a call out to any and all in Iowa to bring this issue into the discourse that is already going on. People are talking about job creation, agriculture, frustration with Congress, reducing federal regulations....... hemp must be included in these discussions.

The Iowa Caucus, and more importantly, the upcoming Congressional races, are a great opportunity to put leaders on record on industrial hemp. If asked in public if they support hemp, it is not unlikely that they will in fact, support hemp farming. If Iowa can get behind hemp, then we will be much closer to our goals of growing hemp on a large scale.

So, if you know anyone in Iowa, pass the message along about Hemp. And if you're Iowan, you have a major opportunity to bring this issue to the table.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hemp History Week

The history of hemp in America is long and sticky. Most Americans aren't aware that the founding fathers grew hemp or that the federal government actually promoted hemp cultivation as late as World War II. Hemp History Week aims to change that. A grassroots campaign started in 2010, Hemp History Week is an annual, nation-wide, week-long celebration of hemp and its history in the US.

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