Monday, July 7, 2008



I wanted to check in. This is my last week. I'm sad this is coming to a close.
My last meeting(s) are being scheduled for this Thursday.
Last week, I had a total of 5 meetings, which all were pretty simple and straightforward.

The staffer does know much about hemp. We tell them the benefits of industrial hemp over other commercial crops, and try to break any connotation with marijuana besides the supportive farmers that also happen to be anti-drug, in states like Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, Kentucky, etc. Wondering why we're the only "rich" country to continue a blind cannabis ban, they all wait for the catch.

The catch, of course, is that we asked them to cosign a bill sponsored by Ron Paul. Other supporters are Dennis Kucinich, Sam Farr (whose office I met with),
and other representatives that are cool, man. In other words, these people are not cool in politics. Essentially they would tell us the same thing. "We can't sign Ron Paul's Bill. It seems like it makes sense and I would do it if I wasn't climbing out on such a limb. Maybe if it was sponsored by someone else..." It's just politics; I doubt we acquired any cosigners.

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