Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emails from this week.


Between 1999 and 2002, several pieces Industrial Hemp legislation were passed, and six bi-partisan Honorable Statesmen wrote a Letter to the President asking for support to grow hemp. Along with the strong support of Cynthia Thielen, Hawaii conducted the most comprehensive study done on industrial hemp in over 30 years.

Hawaii still has all of the support, but needs action. The Industrial Hemp Farming Act,
HR 1866, needs cosponsors from States that strongly support this issue.


On October 13th, I scheduled a meeting with Scott and Oregon business owners, including CEO of Living Harvest, a Portland based company. (Doesn't Portland overlap into the 1st District?)

Oregon is ideal for hemp cultivation, because of local hemp companies (Living Harvest, Pacific Natural, Naturally Advanced Technologies), as well as the acres of farmland. Passage of Hemp Farming Bill SB 676 reiterated as well as cemented this fact.

We would like Congressman Wu to become a become a cosponsor of HR 1866 The Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009. The bill already has support from Oregon Reps Earl Blumenauer and Peter Defazio, and we are trying to get the rest of the Oregon delegation on board, one by one. We have also gained other cosponsors; this week alone, Reps Farr and Schakowsky have been listed on THOMAS.

The reasons to support the bill are very clear. Oregon businesses, residents, voters, AND State Delegation have already shown their support. The 1st district is also an ideal district, it has contains both Farmland and Urban areas.

From what I know about the support for Hemp in Oregon (working for Vote Hemp means that this is my forte), I can promise you that the Congressman's support for this bill will be well regarded and even respected by his constituents.

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